The following widget web SDK updates have been released:

  1. Transaction history improvements

Buy/Sell indicator has been added to the transaction history page.

  1. Transaction status webhook updates

Two new fields have been added to the Transaction status webhook (default and light structure):

  • promoCode- value of the applied promo code for the transaction;
  • flow- transaction flow type: buyCrypto or sellCrypto.

Read more here.

  1. Direct URL integration improvements

Three new optional query parameters are now supported in the Direct URL integration:

  • parnterUserId - allows to pass identifier of the customer in the partner's system. partetnerUserId is then returned in webhook notifications associated with a certain user.
  • successReturnURL - allows to set the URL to which a user is redirected after successfully completing a transaction in widget.
  • failureReturnURL - allows to set the URL to which a user is redirected after getting a transaction rejected in widget.

If the successReturnURL and failureReturnURL are specified, the Back to merchant button is displayed on the Transaction completed and rejected/cancelled final screens in the widget. On click on the button, a user is redirected to this URL in the same browser tab.

Read more here.