October-November'23 Release notes

Major Paybis On/Off Ramp features released in October/November'23:

  1. Promo codes in one-click checkout flow

The promoCode field has been introduced in the [POST Quote endpoint ](1. https://docs.payb.is/reference/createquotev2)request. This allows partners utilizing Paybis promo codes for marketing activities to pass promo codes via the API when initializing the widget with the one-click checkout flow (buy/sell).

  1. Public (client-to-server) API

Paybis has introduced a set of public endpoints designed for client-to-server communication, which is an options for partners with backendless applications. Amount them:

In terms of functionality, these endpoints mirror their server-to-server counterparts with the following distinctions:

  • Authentication: Public API keys (distinct from private API keys) are required for access.
  • Add-ons Exclusion: Certain add-ons, such as trusted KYC, shared KYC, and single sign-on, are not available in the public API.
  1. One-click checkout flow via Apple Pay

One Click Apple Pay Checkout was designed to eliminate almost all friction for customers willing to buy crypto as seamlessly as possible using Apple Pay. After initiating the purchase via Paybis Onramp customers are instantly directed to the payment page where they can complete the transaction in 1 click bypassing entering the email or any other customer or payment data. Read details and integration guidelines here.

  1. Flexible settings for email notifications sending

When integrating the Paybis widget, partners have the flexibility to choose which emails Paybis will send to their clients during the user journey in the On/Off Ramp. Any of the following email templates, which are enabled by default, can be disabled if a partner has their own notification system:

  • transaction completed
  • transaction failed
  • verification completed
  • verification failed