Overview of Paybis On/Off Ramp features released in Q1'24

1. The new List of transactions endpoint

The endpoint allows fetching the list of transactions associated with your partner account product and filter them by date range, transaction flow (buy/sell), transaction status (created, completed, cancelled, rejected, payment_error), currencies, countries, and amounts.

2. Fallbacks to local alternative payment methods

If a customer's credit card transaction fails, an automatic fallback to a local payment method is offered to increase the likelihood of successfully purchasing cryptocurrency.

Fallbacks are currently available in the selected countries*, including:

  • USA: Online Banking
  • Germany: GiroPay
  • Brazil: PIX
  • Mexico: SPEI
  • Kenya: M-Pesa

*provided that you have the relevant payment methods enabled for you partner account

3. Credit card payment reject reasons

We have implemented additional processing for credit card payment rejection reasons to provide customers with more comprehensive information, thereby increasing their chances of successfully completing purchases upon re-attempt. Additionally, this enhancement offers detailed insights to our partners for reporting and analytics purposes, facilitating a deeper understanding of failed transactions.

The list of reject codes is available in this article.

On-Ramp UI

The payment reject reason, along with recommendations for the user to consider before re-attempting the payment are now displayed on widget UI. For example,

  • 'The payment has been declined due to failed 3D-Secure authentication. Please try again.'
  • 'Transaction amount exceeds your card limit. Please try again with a lower transaction amount or use a different card.'

Partner portal

On Partner portal, the payment reject reason code is available on Transaction Details form.

The reject reason is only displayed for failed Buy crypto transactions with payment attempt that reached the processor.

Transaction status webhook

The decline reason is passed in the new errorCode field (Rejected event).

See the example webhook payload (light): Buy crypto transaction (Rejected with payment error) here.

4. Transaction status webhook enhancements

The following data has been added to the Transaction Status webhook structure:

  • digital asset metadata: blockchain, network, contract address (for tokens), etc. See details here;
  • payment and payout method id corresponding to the identifier used when calling Paybis API endpoints (see the id field in the payment and payout objects as an example);
  • source field in the card object: source type allows to distinguish between online credit card payments and mobile payments in the Buy Crypto transactions. Possible values: direct, google_pay, apple_pay.

5. Enhanced mobile user experience

Introduced enhanced mobile user experience on our On/Off Ramp for smoother user navigation and interactions.