The decline reason codes are relevant only for rejected transactions that failed due to one or multiple unsuccessful payment attempts via credit card. The error code indicates the payment decline reason from the payment processor. The error code is returned in the Transaction status webhook (rejected event) and is displayed on the Partner Portal (in failed transaction details).

Payment decline reason codeDescription
SUSPECTED_FRAUDTransaction declined due to potential fraudulent activity.
DO_NOT_HONOURTransaction denied by the issuing bank.
3DS_FAILEDRejected due to unsuccessful cardholder authentication.
INSUFFICIENT_FUNDSTransaction declined due to lack of available funds.
NOT_PERMITTEDRejected as the specified transaction is not allowed for the cardholder.
POLICY_REASONSTransaction does not comply with card policy.
SECURITY_REASONSOccurs when a transaction is suspected to be fraudulent.
INVALID_TRANSACTIONDeclined by the bank due to an invalid transaction.
EXCEEDS_WITHDRAWAL_LIMITPayment declined as the defined amount exceeds the withdrawal value or amount limits.
PENDING_AUTHENTICATIONPayment failed due to pending cardholder authentication.
AUTHENTICATION_ERRORPayment failed due to an authentication error, possibly related to a BIN Number Blacklist.
TECHNICAL_ERRORPayment failed due to a security violation.
ACCOUNT_CLOSEDPayment declined because the customer's bank account is closed.
RESTRICTED_REGIONPayment declined due to card restrictions in the specified region or country.
SECURITY_CODE_INVALIDPayment declined due to an invalid security code (CVV2 failure).
LIMIT_EXCEEDEDPayment declined due to exceeding the withdrawal frequency limit or authentication requests.
DECLINED_SECURITY_REASONSTransaction declined due to general security restrictions.
PARAMETER_MALFORMEDTransaction denied due to malformed or missing parameters.
INVALID_MERCHANTPayment failed due to a technical issue with an invalid or inactive merchant.
NOT_PERMITTED_BY_LAWPayment declined due to legal restrictions; cannot be completed due to a violation of law.
INVALID_ACCOUNT_NUMBERPayment failed due to an invalid card or account number.
BLOCKEDOccurs when a cardholder hasn't activated or unblocked the card properly.
NOT_PERMITTED_ON_TERMINALTransaction not permitted to acquirer/terminal.
ERRORTransaction denied due to technical error, such as invalid request parameters.
ERROR_GENERICTransaction declined with a generic error.
NO_SUCH_ISSUERPayment declined due to invalid or incorrect issuer details.
CANNOT_BE_PROCESSEDTransaction could not be processed on the card issuer's end.
SECURITY_VIOLATIONPayment declined due to a security violation.
EXPIRED_CARDPayment declined due to an expired card or an invalid expiration date.
NETWORK_ERRORPayment failed due to a network error on the customer's end.
PICK_UP_CARDOccurs when payment declined by the bank or issuer This situation often arises in cases where the card has been reported as lost, stolen.
STOLEN_CARDPayment declined due to a reported stolen card.
STRONG_CUSTOMER_AUTHENTICATIONPayment declined due to Strong Customer Authentication (3DS) failure.
INVALID_AMOUNTPayment failed due to an invalid amount or currency conversion overflow.
ISSUER_UNAVAILABLEPayment failed due to issuer unavailability or inoperative switch.
AML_FAILEDPayment declined as it does not fulfill Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements.
LIFECYCLE_REASONSTransaction declined due to invalid card data or lifecycle reasons.
PICK_UP_CARD_SPECIALPayment declined by the bank; pickup card, special condition.
LOST_PICK_UPPayment declined by the bank as the card is reported as lost.
TIMEOUTPayment failed due to a timeout (technical issue).
SYSTEM_MALFUNCTIONPayment failed due to a system malfunction or technical issue.
GATEWAY_REJECT_VIOLATIONPayment failed due to incorrect gateway response.
3D_SECURE_ERRORTransaction failed due to an error in the 3D secure process.
PIN_CRYPTOGRAPHIC_ERRORTransaction failed due to a PIN cryptographic error, including negative CAM, dCVV, iCVV, or CVV results.
MAX_PIN_TRIES_EXCEEDEDPayment declined by the bank as allowable PIN tries exceeded.
CRYPTOGRAPHIC_ERRORTransaction denied due to cryptographic failure.
UNACCEPTABLE_PINTransaction declined due to an unacceptable PIN (policy event).
TRANSACTION_EXPIREDTransaction has expired; re-entering the transaction is recommended.
FORMAT_ERRORPayment failed due to a format error or invalid data (technical issue).
AMLD5_DIRECTIVETransaction rejected due to the AMLD5 directive.
NOT_FOUND_DESTINATION_ROUTINGUnable to route the transaction at acquirer module; destination cannot be found.
PIN_REQUIREDPayment declined; PIN data required.
CANCELLEDPayment failed due to revocation of authorization order by the issuer.
HARD_CAPTUREPayment declined as capturing the card is recommended.
INVALID_PINPayment declined due to an incorrect PIN.
NO_CHEQUE_AMOUNTNo checking account.
3D_ADVISER_REQUIREDRegistration with the 3D Adviser service required.
UNABLE_VALIDATE_PINUnable to validate PIN.
NO_SAVINGS_ACCOUNTNo savings account.
NO_CREDIT_ACCOUNTNo credit account.
WRONG_REFERENCEWrong Reference Number.
NO_ACCOUNTInvalid/nonexistent destination account specified.
INVALID_TO_ACCOUNTCardholder data verification failed.
WRONG_PINWrong PIN, number of PIN tries exceeded.
3D_SECURE_MALFUNCTIONTransaction failed due to a 3D secure system malfunction.
CANCELED_SUBSCRIPTIONIssuer initiated a revocation of all authorizations order.
MALFORMED_PARAMETERTransaction denied due to malformatted or missing parameters.
DUPLICATE_TRANSMISSIONDuplicate transmission/invoice detected.
3D_SECURE_NOT_ENABLED3D-Secure not enabled for the card.
PROCESSOR_NOT_SUPPORT_PARAMETERProcessor does not support some of the transaction’s parameters
TRANSACTION_IS_PROCESSINGThe queried transaction is being processed.
DEFAULTGeneric payment error. Returned when the issue does not fall within any of the other specified categories.