Payment request initiation method

Request method

This method allows to retrieve the requestId required to run Widget UI via Widget SDK.


Making Requests

This endpoint must be called from your application's backend. If you plan to make client-to-server requests, use the public endpoint.


Getting a requestId

  • requestId is related to a specific transaction in the Widget. In order to resume an ongoing transaction, your application needs to use the same requestId used to initiate that transaction.
  • In order to start a new transaction, a new requestId must be obtained and the Paybis Widget should be launched with it.
  • You can pass the KYC information (see applicantSumsubToken andtrustedKycfields) when creating requestIdto skip KYC for verified users. Read more in Trusted KYC and Shared KYC.
  • Use the Get Payment Methods endpoint to retrieve the list of available methods that can be passed in the paymentMethod field.
  • Request method provides an option to set the Single sign-on flow for customers that have active session on your end.
  • In the flow without quote, you can limit the number of cryptocurrencies available on Paybis Widget exchange form in 2 ways:
  1. pass a single cryptowalletaddress object: the cryptocurrency will be locked on the exchange form and the wallet address entry step is skipped in Widget flow.
  2. pass an array of cryptowalletaddress objects: the client will be able to choose crypto from the list you have provided and the related wallet will be used for payout (wallet entry step is skipped).
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