Currently, testnet crypto payouts are allowed for the following cryptocurrencies:

Currency nameAsset IDBlockchain
Bitcoin (Testnet)BTC-TESTNETbitcoin
Ethereum SepoliaETH-SEPOLIAethereum
Binance Smart Chain (Testnet)BNBSC-TESTNETbinance-smart-chain
Litecoin (Testnet)LTC-TESTNETlitecoin
Stellar (Testnet)XLM-TESTNETstellar


Note that you will need to provide a testnet address, mainnet addresses will fail validation on sandbox for these cryptocurrencies.


We strongly encourage everyone to test crypto payouts for small amounts (i.e. <20 USD). Testnet coins are challenging to obtain, so a return of the received testnet coins from Paybis is also greatly appreciated.

For your convenience, we have created a shortcut to trigger approved or rejected payouts. To do so, use one of the addresses listed below to trigger a specific scenario.

Payout flowBitcoin wallet address
Approved (main)2NAGTNJJ2XyaZUmGLmgvjWsrDjCpNAFzMT2
Approved (alternative)tb1q0kz2yrcf6c8jszsvvqrumf23ysesht0mzpanjv