No KYC flow

The No KYC flow is enabled for all sandbox users. There are 2 general categories of users under this model:

  1. High-risk users - NO KYC limit is $500 per year
  2. Low-risk users - NO KYC limit is $2000 per year

Using the Widget with a VPN enabled immediately puts your user into the High-risk category.

To have a better understanding of the No KYC model & risk categories, please consult with your account manager.

Passing the KYC

If you exceed the allowed limits for the No KYC flow or use the same wallet address across multiple users, the system will automatically request KYC after the payment authorization step.

If KYC is requested, we will need to approve it manually on the sandbox environment. Please send a corresponding message in the shared Slack channel or ask your account manager for help.

Please also note that the system has a built-in "pre-check" of documents, so you will need to either upload a real document or a realistic document template.