Product Overview


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What is the Plug&Play Wallets?

Paybis Plug&Play Wallets solution is designed to provide users with a fully fledged web3 crypto wallet without a development hustle from your side. Plug&Play Wallets enable your users to utilize extended wallet functionality:

  • Wallet depositing
  • Sending and receiving crypto
  • Swapping
  • Embedded On- and Off-Ramping

Moreover, you can request payments from the wallet by utilizing a simple snippet code, which can be embedded in any link or button, thus making this wallet a payment solution with:

  • Instant Settlement
  • 40+ Alternative Payment Methods
  • 80 fiat currencies supported
  • Full chargeback protection
  • 75% approval rates
  • White Label

Paybis Plug&Play Wallets is a ready-made crypto infrastructure with the integration time of 2-3 days which allows for merchants to instantly access liquidity, request payments directly from customers’ wallets, and receive settlement to any wallet or account.