Supply user email and wallet

Partners who collect customer information, including wallet addresses and contact details, can customize the user journey in Paybis to eliminate the need for users to re-enter this information.

Setting user wallet(s)

API integration

If you have API integration with web/mobile SDK or direct URL, you have the option to skip the wallet address entry step in the user journey. This can be achieved by supplying the wallet address or an array of the user's wallets during the generation of the Request in the cryptoWalletAddress object.

If you have provided the array of wallets, the selection of cryptos will be limited accordingly in the widget.

Direct URL standalone integration

In Direct URL standalone integration, you can get the wallet address pre-filled on UI. For this, pass the amount, fiat and cryptocurrency, and wallet address in the query parameters.

The user will be asked to confirm the wallet address in the On-Ramp for security reasons.

Frictionless authentication

There are 2 ways to streamline the authentication process on Paybis:

  1. Pass the customer's email address when generating the Request. Note that the email must be matched with partnerUserId for all upcoming requests, a unique user on Paybis side is identified by a combination of partnerUserId and email.

In this scenario, users are not required to manually input their email address in the widget. Instead, they are only prompted to confirm it by entering the OTP (One-Time Password) automatically sent by Paybis to the email specified in the Request.

  1. Implement the Single sign-on flow that allows to completely skip redundant authentication for your logged-in users.