Why Integrate with Us

Advanced payment orchestration layer

Highest success rates

We have prioritized customers' transaction success rates to maximize your revenue, implementing two approaches:

  • Smart Cascade Routing: Accomplished by re-trying the credit card transaction through multiple payment providers in the background, prioritized based on the approval rate for the client's region.
  • 3DS Decoupling: 3DS layer activates only once, even if transaction goes through various payment processors.
  • Fallbacks to local alternative payment methods: If the credit card transaction doesn't go through, we offer a fallback payment method to increase the client's probability of success.

Biggest number of payment and payout methods available

Paybis offers customers 20+ payment options, covering credit/debit cards, local bank transfers, instant ACH, and e-wallets. In addition to the already launched payment methods, we provide 150+ ready-made PSPs & APM integrations that can be enabled on demand. For off-ramping, we support instant worldwide card payouts on Visa and Mastercard.

Serving small transactions

With a minimum transaction amount as low as $5, we are unlocking opportunities for small investments and crypto purchases to a broader audience that can benefit from these possibilities.

No-KYC flow

Paybis offers a no-KYC (Know Your Customer) flow for new customers, allowing up to $1000 per year for customers from low-risk countries.

Furthermore, our platform has an existing user base of over 1.5M+ customers who have already completed KYC on the Paybis exchange. These users can seamlessly utilize our On/Off ramp solution and crypto wallets without the need for repeated verification.

You can leverage our KYC reliance models to skip KYC for your verified users on Paybis.

Flexible integration options

We provide integration options for various applications, such as custodial and non-custodial wallets, CEXes, DEXes, Web3 games, DeFi apps, dApps, NFT dApps, Neo Banks, and Protocols. We facilitate seamless integration through popular methods, including iframe and direct URL, with or without backend.

Wide capabilities

  • 60+ supported cryptos and up to 600 assets can be enabled on demand
  • 80 fiat currencies
  • 180 countries, 48 US states supported

Full chargebacks & fraud coverage

Paybis manages all anti-fraud, regulatory, and compliance aspects of the process, eliminating the need for licensing and staying abreast of evolving regulations like the upcoming MiCa and Travel Rule.

We utilize advanced AI fraud prevention tools to strike a balance between robust security and a high approval rate for the customers.

Fully whitelabel solution

Our entire range of products for businesses is fully customizable according to the partner's design guidelines, ensuring a seamless customer experience that feels integrated into the partner's app without third-party interference. The customizable elements include the product UI, email templates, and the email sender.

24/7 customer and technical support

Customers have access to 24/7 support through live chat, which is enabled by default on all Paybis products for businesses.

For technical inquiries, visit our Paybis Partner Support Center.